Read some of the stories of people who are grateful for the investment advice they received from Wholistic Property Investing.

I took Catherine’s recommendations to buy in Point Cook, Vic in 2007.  At first I was disappointed as it was a house and land package and it took forever to build.  But Catherine kept telling me to hang in there and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the property had gone up in value by $50,000 by the time construction was completed.  I was ready for my next purchase so saw Catherine again in 2009 and was surprised to find she had correctly picked the upcoming downturn in the Melbourne market and had switched her recommendation to Gladstone, QLD.  I purchased another off the plan property and it has almost doubled in value since.  Patricia B, Yarralumla, ACT

I had heard a lot about SMSF and Property but was finding it all very confusing.  I saw a few other Financial Advisors and Accountants who confused me even more so I didn’t bother doing anything.  Then I attended a seminar held by WPI and they made it all sound so simple and achievable so I jumped on board and haven’t looked back.  Within 3 months the team had obtained me a SMSF property loan and found and settled a property purchase for me.  It was all so simple with them assisting with the whole process.  Bruce C, Yass, NSW

I started my property investing journey several years ago.  I thought I knew what I was doing and that I could do it all own my own.  Since then I have made some very large mistakes and lost a lot of money on a bad investment.  Since then, Catherine and her team have helped me get back on my feet, sort out the mess I made and given me some great recommendations that will hopefully make up for the losses I made myself.  I will never take financial steps on my own again.  I will always run every idea past Catherine.  Peter B, Kaleen, ACT.




*Property sales are managed through Catherine Smith [Licensed Real Estate Agent ACT 18401908].  



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