Property investment is a popular choice because property can be a far more straightforward investment than other strategies.

While the benefits are numerous there are also significant pitfalls for the unaware.

We know the tips and tricks of successful property investors and will help you steer away from the not-so-obvious pitfalls. We are investors ourselves and have helped many hundreds through the daunting property maze. Having financial security will find you walking differently, talking differently, feeling more relaxed and enjoying your life.

At WPI we recognise that there are different types of property investors: 

  • Some want it all done for them. They want to be advised on exactly how many properties they need to retire in comfort and then they want help with every step of the transaction until completion.  They don’t want the headache of having to work it out for themselves.  We can help this type of investor.
  • Others want to learn how to do it themselves and be very active in the process.  We help this type of investor as well.  We provide property coaching packages that you can sign up for to learn everything you need to know.  Click here to find out more about these packages.   Or you can simple pay an hourly fee for service for any advice you need along the way.
  • The final type of investor is very experienced and knows all there is to know and simply wants their own plans implemented such as setting up the structure for purchase, arranging the finance and doing the tax work at the end of the financial year.  We help this type of investor as well and provide fixed quotes for any advice required.

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*Property sales are managed through Catherine Smith [Licensed Real Estate Agent ACT 18401908].  

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