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The why, what, where and how of property! All you need to know about property investing under one roof. Are you tired of conflicting and confusing advice from financial professionals?  Financial planners tell you one thing, real estate agents tell you something else and accountants can only talk to you about tax. Buying a property is one of the largest financial decisions in your life and there are no professionals who advise in this area. Until now.  
Wholistic Property Investing can refer you to qualified Accountants, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Professional Property Advisors who can advise on ALL aspects of property investing.
We can assist you in determining:

  • Why to buy property? Why is property the number one investment for wealth creation? Why it excels well above shares and superannuation? Why it is essential to buy property to build wealth and fund your own retirement.
  • How to buy property? Building your dream team to assist you in the process. Should you buy in your own name? Joint names? Tenants in common of Joint Tenants? In a Company, Trust or Super Fund? Also, how to structure the mortgage? How much you can borrow? How much you should borrow? How to structure the loans to minimise Tax and maximise Cash Flow.
  • What property to buy? Should you buy House and Land packages? or Units? Or Apartments? Or a combination of both? Should you buy inner city? Or Regional? Old or New? The questions are endless.  Finally you have professionals that can answer all of these questions for you.
  • What is the Right Property strategy for you?  Buy and Hold, Buy and Flip, Buy and Build and many other options.  Should you buy positive or negative geared property? Where to buy?
  • What if?  What are the risks in buying property and how to manage them?
  • So you’ve found a property – what next? The Finance process, the sales process and the costs of buying a property.  Assessing whether you should buy the property? The Settlement process.
  • We can also then assist you in finding the best property, negotiate the best price for you, assist you arrange the finance and assist you the entire way through the purchase transaction.

All your questions answered and all the assistance you need under one roof.

At Wholistic Property Investing it's all about personalised, professional advice designed specifically for your circumstances.  The answers to the above questions vary for each and every client.  No one solution fits all.  Unlike other property investment companies we will not push properties at you until we have determined exactly Why, What, Where and How you should buy.  Only then will we show you properties that specifically meet your individual needs.

Contact us now for your free initial assessment of your individual needs.

*Property sales are managed through Catherine Smith [Licensed Real Estate Agent ACT 18401908].  


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